A revolution in Metrology ! The FlexCal

Metrology — By Melvin Chase on 1 July 2011 at 4:47 pm

FlexCal contour measurement system

Do you need to measure components rapidly and accurately in production?

Do you need to measure inaccessible areas of your components?

Do you need to measure dimensional and roughness parameters on the same component?

The FlexCal is the answer!

The FlexCal is a rugged and accurate hybrid of a Contour machine and CMM designed for a very fast and accurate inspection of any form.

This new approach to the measurement of profiles, combines a CMM with full implementation of Renishaw touch-trigger and scanning probes, allowing measurement of previously inaccessible features. We can also supply purpose designed probe systems for any application.

Its unprecedented speed together with full CMM facilities for measurement overcome the limits of conventional needle profilometers.

Forget the limiting angle of the profilometers!With the FlexCal With the FlexCal there is no need to tilt the part during the measurement. Conventional profilometers are limited to an angle of contact less than 50° to guarantee accuracy. The FlexCal is able to measure at 90° and even negative contact angle with same accuracy in any direction!

It is designed for high accuracy, repeatability and speed using air-bearings throughout on the moving table and vertical stage.

The FlexCal is ideal for the measurement of internal and external profiles of turned or ground parts both for measuring prototypes, and in the production manufacturing process with full closed loop control of the production machine.

Another major advantage is that the FlexCal program can automatically look for physical contact with the component ,for example in bearing applications, to recognise which size of bearing is present. It then runs the relevant test sequence. This means a simple inexpensive ‘V’ fixture can be used and a pneumatic clamp to cater for a large range of bearings.

In this way operator error is eliminated and throughput speed is maximised, an important factor when measuring on a fast production line.

Please visit our website www.oechsner-messtechnik.de to see a selection of the wide range of applications the FlexCal can handle.

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